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Stocking stuffers collage

Every year I try to get my Christmas shopping done early, but I always have trouble finding just the right stocking stuffers. I’ll be honest – stockings are fun, but I don’t want to pour a ton of money into them. When you have six kids and pay $3-$5 per stocking toy, it adds up as swiftly as Santa can make it down a chimney!


So, this year I decided to try ordering stocking stuffers online. I looked at a lot of different sites, but I found a lot of what I needed at Oriental Trading, and it was super easy because they actually have a section dedicated to stocking stuffers.


For my older kids, I chose the Christmas Truck Pullback Racers, Fun Winter Activity Pads, and the Fun and Games Assortment.


When I got the Christmas Truck Racers out to photograph for this post, my husband and I started playing around with them, and we were both pretty impressed with how fast they go! I’m embarassed a little to say it, but I think I could play around with them for awhile, so I know the kids will love them!


The Winter Activity Pads look like a lot of fun too. There are Christmas themed activity pads as well, but I chose to go with winter so that the kids could use them long after Christmas is over and not feel out of season.


There is so much in the Fun and Games Assortment that I even used some of the toys as little gifts for the girls in my American Heritage Girls troop! And, I still have plenty left! They are fun little toys, but there are A LOT of small pieces – so be advised that if you have small children in your home, you’ll want to keep these toys out of their reach. One thing I really like about this assortment is that it’s full of classic games, like Go Fish, Jacks, and those addicting handheld water toys where you push the button and try to get the ball into the hoop (I played with one of those for 20 minutes! ADDICTING!!!).


For my little ones I chose to go with plush toys that they can safely play with. The Plush Mini Nativity Character Set is so adorable! I know my 3 year old is going to enjoy playing with those little figures, and it’s a great way to help him remember the story of Christ’s birth.


I decided on the Plush Roly Poly Farm Animals for my 2 and 1 year olds. This is perfect for them! At that age, animals and animal noises are a big deal, and these are cuddly and, well….roly poly!

Throw in a little Christmas candy, and voila! Your stockings are stuffed!

Hi, I'm Corrine! My loves in life are God, my husband, six kids, and church family, homeschooling, friends, and coffee (with chocolate!). I've been blessed to be a mother to a special needs child which has grown me in ways I never imagined. I hope I can encourage you today!

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