Delicious Pumpkin Recipes

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It’s September!!!

You know what that means? It means that we can finally start to prepare for cooler nights, bon fires, and everything pumpkin! If you are like me, you get a little too excited for hoodies, boots and pumpkin spiced lattes!

We gathered a few of our favorite pumpkin recipes from some of our friends to share with you.

We hope you enjoy!

Pumpkin Spice Latte Truffles


Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes


Pumpkin Roll with Cream Cheese Filling


Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream


Baked Parmesan Pumpkin Fries

pumpkin fries

Pumpkin Hot Chocolate


Should I Homeschool? Things to Think About

Should I Homeschool My Children?

Should I homeschool

As much as I love homeschooling, I realize it is not for everyone. Some people have no desire to homeschool and feel that either the public or private school their kids attend is the best route for their family. That’s great! We all have to do what we believe is best for our families. But, I truly believe homeschooling is for just about everyone who has been given a desire to do it. I’ve heard so many people tell me they wish they could homeschool too, but they have anywhere from one to a myriad of reasons why they just can’t do it. I think much of that is because the prospect is overwhelming – trust me, I know. I’ve been there! We were all newbies at one time or another, and we all had many of the same fears and reservations. If you’ve had homeschooling on your heart but think you can’t do it, let me help put some of those fears to rest for you.

should I homeschool 2

Should I homeschool?

Here are seven of the most common reasons people tell me they can’t homeschool, followed by why you can.

  1. I’m not patient enough to homeschool.

The idea that you must be as patient as a saint to homeschool is completely false. All parents, whether homeschoolers or not, are fallible. As such, many of us struggle with patience. There is no prerequisite patience level that you must attain to homeschool your children. Praying for patience and self control when you feel like you’re going to rip your hair out is something we should be doing as parents anyway – whether you’re dealing with a learning problem or bickering siblings. You will have days where you feel like you weren’t as patient as you should’ve been, but then you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and try again tomorrow.

should I homeschool 3

  1. My kids would never listen to me as their teacher.

If you think your kids won’t listen to you as a teacher, I’m guessing you think that because they don’t listen to you as their parent. If your home is lacking in obedience and respect right now, I urge you to find ways to get it back on track. Even sending your kids to school will not remedy that problem. If they don’t obey and respect you, they will likely act the same for their teachers – and you will still have to deal with it when they get home. Don’t let that keep you from homeschooling. Learn ways to get the respect back in your home that your children should have for you so that no matter which educational route you choose, your relationship with your children will be a healthy one.


  1. I need a break from my children.

I totally get this. We all need a break sometimes, but you have to ask yourself if you really need a daily, 7-8 hour break from them, or do you really just need a little alone time a couple evenings per week? Perhaps there is a compromise to be found there.

  1. I’m not smart enough to homeschool.

You are likely much more capable than you give yourself credit for. If you have been through the K-12 public schooling system, you already have a pretty good idea of the material covered. Also, there are all kinds of teacher’s guides, co-op groups, online or DVD courses, and more to help you with subjects that you are less than comfortable with. The homeschool community is full of people who will be more than willing to help you!

  1. Our financial situation requires me to work outside the home.

If you’re in this situation, but you feel a strong desire to homeschool, I’d start looking at all the different options. Is it possible to work from home? Could you have school around your work schedule? Remember homeschooling hours are flexible and work around your family’s schedule. Is your child(ren) old enough to do some of the work while you are at work? Could some good online or DVD courses be a good option?


  1. I can’t afford the curriculum.

You can homeschool on any budget. There are a ton of free and cheap resources out there that are very helpful and adequate. Just ask fellow homeschoolers to help you find them! They are more than happy to share their budget-friendly finds!

  1. My husband isn’t on board with homeschooling.

This is one reason that really does stop you from homeschooling. I would suggest sitting down with him when the house is quiet (kids are in bed, or whatever). Before you do this, have all your ducks in a row and show him why you think this is the very best path for your family. Be gentle, respectful, and loving, but have the evidence. Show him what you would do. Pray that God would reveal the best path for your family to your husband, whether that is homeschooling or public or private schooling. Then trust that God is going to do that, even if you don’t get what you wanted. You may be surprised – your husband may decide on sending your kids to a public or private school at first, but something changes his mind later. Do not nag your husband. The stronger your desire to homeschool, the harder that will be! But, you must trust that God has your family in His hands as you remain faithful.

We hope that this article has been helpful in finding your answer to the question, Should I homeschool?

If You are Buried in Laundry, Keep Reading…

Are You Buried in Laundry?


Do you feel like your laundry pile has taken on a life of it’s own, and you are forever buried in laundry? Like it has grown so large that one day you’ll walk into your laundry room to find that it has become it’s own lifeforce with plans to take over your house? Read on, my friend…this used to be my fate as well! But, I have found a system that works. I know it seems too good to be true, but it really isn’t!

Now, before I share my system with you, let me say that this may not be for everyone – and that’s okay! For instance, one time in desperation, I read an article about how to keep up on laundry with a big family. “Have I finally found it?” I asked myself. Well, their family’s solution was to never fold clothes, and even clean clothes could be found on the floor. This isn’t a judgement. I’m thrilled that they found and shared a system that worked for them – but I knew it would never work for me. I can compromise on a lot of things, but not folding or hanging up our clothes isn’t one of them. However, my system does require a compromise. It’s just one that I can live with, and maybe you can too!

So, Here is Your Solution If You Are Buried In Laundry…

I no longer sort the clothes by color. (GASP!!) I sort them by person. It seems like that wouldn’t make a difference, and I resisted trying this change for a year because I couldn’t imagine it actually making my life easier. But, it did! Each person has their own laundry hamper or basket. I have taken a permanent marker and written our names on each one. I also have a basket dedicated to towels (and yes, the label “towels” is written on it). When someone’s basket is full, they get a load done. Some days, I do four loads, and some days I don’t do any. Since I started that system close to a year ago, I have never gotten overwhelmingly behind again – even when life has thrown us some major curve balls. When I get a little behind because of life, it’s really easy to catch back up.

buried in laundry baskets logo

Why would this work? I don’t think we even realize the amount of time it takes to sort the laundry by color. Even if you have the baskets that are divided and meant to sort by color initially, kids (and sometimes grown ups) don’t always adhere to that system (at least, that’s the story in my house). If my 8 year old can’t throw her laundry into a basket that has her name on it, then we have more issues than possible color-blindness. This system is extremely kid-friendly. Also, after a load is done, there’s no sorting by person. You can even just take that basket of clean clothes into that person’s room to fold it. Then you can put it away as you’re folding it. Folding and putting away is done in one shot. I’m amazed at how much time this saves. Older kids can even take their own laundry from the dryer and fold and put them away on their own.

What is the compromise? Well, maybe my whites aren’t as bright. That’s the compromise that some of you who are reading this may not be able to deal with. And, that’s okay – we all have our limitations. But, for me, less than bright whites are very worth not having my laundry pile make me feel like I need a glass of wine. I don’t think my whites look terrible either. That’s really the only compromise that I feel like I’m making.

buried in laundry basket logo

So, where do you start if you already have a laundry room that is full, and you are buried in laundry?

Here’s how to get this going, step by step.

  1. Make sure you have a basket for each person in your home (my husband and I combine ours, but that’s up to you) and label them. Also have a basket for towels that is clearly labeled. You may consider having an extra basket around for transporting loads in case you don’t have an empty basket around. I have one, and it is labeled “transport”. It will take everyone in your family time to adjust to this system if they are used to dumping their dirty clothes in whatever room they took them off in, so having clear labels is going to be helpful. Put each basket into the room it belongs in. That way the system is already started while you catch up on all the other stuff in your laundry room. Be sure to explain this to your family. Try to get them excited about it! My kids were actually pretty excited to have their own baskets and have a hand in keeping up on the laundry.

  2. Go into your laundry room and start sorting everything in there by person or towels. You may find things in there that haven’t been worn in a long time. If you find things that don’t fit anyone anymore, this is the time to get rid of it or box it up for the next kid. Depending on how far behind you are, this may take some time. But, the good news is, this will likely be the last time you will EVER have to do this again!

  3. Start doing laundry. Don’t worry about anything in your newly labeled baskets yet – just make it your goal to take the next 1-3 days emptying the laundry room. Wash all the clothes in cold water so that they won’t bleed nearly as much. Oh, you will feel so good when this is done! This step is where a transport basket will come in handy since your other baskets are being used. You will see how much faster it is to fold and put clothes away too.

  4. Once your laundry room is empty, if you can take a day off – do it! You deserve it!

  5. Go check on the status of the other baskets. If anyone has enough for a load, go ahead and do it.

  6. You are now on the system!

Give your family some time to adjust to this. One big adjustment in our family was after bathing or showering. In the past, we always had a basket in the bathroom where towels and clothes were deposited. Getting in the habit of only putting towels in that basket and taking their clothes to their rooms took some time. It will be tempting to get grouchy about it after a bit. Believe me, I know! But, try to give them some grace and patience.

Don’t be afraid to make exceptions when you need to, but exceptions should be rare. If someone just got a brand new, deep red shirt, I may wash it by itself the first and second time to avoid any whites turning pink. But, if my son’s basket is full enough for 1 ¼ loads, I just leave that ¼ in the basket for next time. I never mix his with one of his siblings. It’s tempting, but I know that if I start doing that, it’ll all fall apart.

I hope that this system can help at least one person not feel conquered by their laundry. As women, wives, and/or mothers, we have so much on our plates as it is, and the last thing we need is to feel like we are being bullied by the lifeforce in our laundry rooms. I’d love to hear about your success if you try it, and/or any modifications you made to make it work even better in your family!

New Technology Slashes Electricity Bills for Texans


We are always looking for ways that we can save money around here. I have a large family (there are 9 of us) and I’m always happy when I am given a tip that can help me save money, especially when it’s something so simple. That is why I’m sharing this tip with our readers today.


If you live in a deregulated market in Texas (and millions do), there is a new technology company that is helping people save 40-60% off their energy bills.


First, take just a few minutes and use this savings calculator to learn what you could be paying based on your usage. Energy Ogre is a one-of-a-kind technology company. The technology scours the current offers in Texas and finds the best deal for you. Homeowners, apartment renters, business owners are all saving some SERIOUS money.

Important Note: Energy Ogre is NOT an energy provider and the company doesn’t get paid by any energy provider for preferential treatment. They only find the best deal for the end consumer. They are a highly rated company with 5.0 reviews.

After using the calculator and learning how much you can save, you have the option to pay Energy Ogre $10 a month to become your “administrative assistant” and make changes on your behalf. This takes the hassle out of dealing with your energy providers and you just sit back and save big money!


Check out what the press is saying about Energy Ogre!

Here are a just a few of the reviews that you can read on Energy Ogre’s Facebook Page.

Alisha: “My bill got up to almost $200 a month in the summer in a small one-bedroom apartment. Now my bill has never been even close to $50 a month. I am so happy and thankful for this company who helped me save some much needed money for other bills!”

Bernie: “Went with Energy Ogre 3 months ago, previously w/TXU for years @ .095 / KWH – bills ran anywhere from $160 – $300 – first three months w/ Energy Ogre – bills were Sept – $49, Oct.- $59, and Nov.-$57 – and we’re an all electric house.”

Adam: “Energy Ogre is the best! I got out of a contract with an early termination fee and still saved lots of money!”

Houston Business Journal: “Houston-based Energy Ogre’s focus is on electricity but at its heart, this is a technology company that uses analytics to find a rate that fits their clients’ demand profile.”

Kathy: “Got my first bill after signing up with Ogre and my bill dropped from the high $200s to $85! I was in shock .. but very happy!”

The personnel behind Energy Ogre have been involved with the Texas electricity markets since well before they deregulated in 2002. This group has built power plants, scheduled fuel and electricity and even owned and managed Retail Electricity Providers in the recent past. In 2013 they decided to create Energy Ogre to help end use customers fully unlock the benefits of the deregulated electricity markets.

Get Them Checked- Take Care of Your Body

This post is sponsored by Berardi Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery.

Get Them Checked-Take Care of Your Body

It’s no lie, most people aren’t comfortable talking about their body parts, especially their breasts, however it is something we should all take the time to learn more about. You don’t have to scream it in the streets or anything, but please take some time to better inform yourself about breast cancer and other conditions that can affect the breasts.

Today we wanted to take a moment to share some things that are often misunderstood about the breasts.

It is very important that you take the time to do self-exams on your breasts at home. You can do this while in the shower, and it really only takes a couple of minutes (if that). If you do notice changes in your breasts you should make an appointment with your physician to have them looked at.

Do not panic if one day you notice changes in your breast. It is not uncommon for women to develop lumps or changes in their breasts as they age, however you should always have these checked out for peace of mind and to make sure it is nothing serious.

Many people believe that breast implants can raise your risk for cancer, however according to research, women with breast implants are at no greater risk of getting breast cancer.  With that being said, standard mammograms don’t always work as well on women who have breast implants, so additional X-rays are sometimes needed to more fully examine breast tissue. If you are considering plastic surgery, be sure to view the best plastic surgeon for the most advanced and safest options in breast augmentation.

And of course, get those mammograms done. The US Preventative Service Task Force recommends that women over the age of 50 have mammograms performed every 2 years for preventative measures.

If you or a loved one are affected by breast cancer and you need a mastectomy, you have a choice to rebuild the shape of the breast by having breast reconstruction performed. With modern-day medical options, breast reconstruction is a great option for those interested in keeping the breasts. If you’re considering breast reconstruction, opt for a top breast reconstruction plastic surgeon in Scottsdale.

We hope that you have found this article helpful and that you will take the time to check your breasts and speak with your doctor if you have any changes arise.

Be a Kenny

  • 1
    This week we lost a very special person.
    Monday our very close friend called my husband to tell us that her father-in-law had passed away an hour earlier while hunting in the woods with some of the people he loved most in this world. My stomach was in knots while my eyes filled with tears. My initial response was to ask, “Are they sure he didn’t make it?” He had a heart attack while out hunting. I didn’t want to have to tell my children. This loss hurt. It was going to hurt them as well.
    I thought of his wife, his three children and their spouses, and of course his pride and joy, his nine grandchildren. This family is the epitome of what family should look like. They encourage one another, they support one another, and most of all they truly love one another. Myself and my family have been lucky enough to experience that same kind of family love and acceptance from them. Many years ago, our family was blessed

    with their friendship that quickly turned into feeling like family. I clearly understood that the death of the patriarch meant pain and sadness for them that would be difficult to even put into words. Kenny was a man who drew you into conversations and left you feeling better about your day.
    Kenny had a sincere way about himself whenever he spoke to people.
    Kenny had the gift of intentionality.
    He was intentional in his life and that will never leave those of us that were lucky enough to know him personally. He could see a need and quietly fill that need as others around him rushed to complete their schedules. He saw people and he loved them, genuinely. And as I watched people show up for his viewing in droves, I was reminded just how much those intentional moments in his life affected so many. It felt as though
    an entire town showed up to pay respects and mourn with his sweet family. Hundreds and hundreds of people waited two plus hours to spend just a few minutes with Kenny’s immediate family and share how much he and his family meant to them. That in itself is a testament to who Kenny was in life.
    Here is what I learned from Kenny
    Be intentional…don’t just show up and make an appearance. Engage. Notice. Act.
    Be like Jesus in the mundane moments of life cause that’s where you win hearts for Jesus.
    Smile, it is infectious.
    Decide how you want people to remember you and treat them as such. People tend to forget details as the years pass by, but they ALWAYS remember how you made them feel.
    Love your family despite their own shortcomings and your own. Have a short memory for acts of wrong done towards you and a long supply of grace, cause at some point you’re gonna need some.
    Go to church and don’t be a “last pew sitter.” You know what I mean, the person who sneaks in last minute to sit in the back row and leaves as soon as the last “Amen” is spoken on Sunday mornings. Find somewhere you can help at church, your presence will influence others.
  • Pray. Pray daily and pray out loud in front of others. People will know that you are a safe haven for love and help when you are willing to pray for others so freely.
    Invite others in. People are lonely, hurting, and sad. Be the light in their life and invite them to the things that you are involved in, even family gatherings.
    Laugh and share laughable moments. Laughter is a great tool to make others feel like they matter to you. And it is contagious!
    Be generous. When it is time to donate to help others, do it. And if money is too tight, then donate your time. You will quickly learn just how much bigger the world is past your own nose.
    Make time for others. Your legacy is being written in the hearts of those who know you.
    I am so thankful for the years that myself and my family were blessed to share with Kenny and experience all the things that made Kenny, Kenny. The most important aspect of having the privilege of being part of his life was learning how to be a person full of kindness, sincerity, and love. So, go out in the world and try one, two or all of these points….go out and be a Kenny!
    The world needs more Kenny’s!


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I don’t know about you, but I like to be prepared when someone jumps into the back seat of my vehicle. I mean, my vehicle isn’t always spotless, but I really dislike having dirty seats. Let’s face it, we are all going to have to trade our vehicles in eventually, right? Why not take care of our investment by protecting those seats!

VersaVia rear seat covers are a car seat life saver! Take a moment to read this post from Mandee at Raising My 5 Sons. She reviewed the seat covers herself, and she has 5 BOYS!

What are VersaVia seat covers?

VersaVia Seat Cover

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Meet the Bloggers at She Blogs It!

Meet the Bloggers at(1)

I am so excited to announce that there will now be 3 bloggers here at She Blogs It!

Don’t worry, nothing will change, other than the fact that we will post more often, bring you more reviews/giveaways, and allow for more of a broad range of posts.

She Blogs It is finally going to have the feel that I hoped for when I first started the site years ago. (I’m excited!!!)

First off, introductions..

You all know me already, but let me give you a brief update…


 Hi! I’m Mandee, a blessed mom to 5 BOYS! I am also the owner of the blog Raising My 5 Sons, co-author/owner of She Blogs It, owner of the online boutique The Paisley Hanger and homeschool teacher to my boys. I run on coffee, hugs and kisses!

Please welcome Brandye!!!!


Hi, I’m Brandye and I’m a super lucky mom to 7 bright lights and a wife to an even luckier head high school football coach. :) I am the owner of the blog Giggles, Boogers and Chaos, co-author at She Blogs It, full time student, crazy coffee consumer and constantly striving to be a God-girl.

And last, but certainly not least is our super awesome Sammy!


Hi, I’m Sammy and I’m a super blessed mom of a son and daughter. I am the owner of the blog Coupon Swag, co-author at She Blogs It, owner of Blue Layne Boutique and like the other ladies, I LOVE coffee!

We’d love to know more about our readers, so please take a moment to share something about yourself in the comments below.

Just Go With It…

Over the years I have come to learn that life can change in an instant. One minute you can be walking down a path and the next minute you find yourself winding and weaving, sometimes swimming with no shore in site, and other times you are skipping along merrily. You just really never know what turn life will take.


Think about it though. How boring would our lives be if we woke up every morning knowing exactly what was going to happen before it ever even happened. Yeah, we are all going to face challenges. Even those that appear to have it all together have faced challenges in their life. You know what the difference is in those that overcome the challenges and those that don’t?  It’s taking the bad and turning it into something positive. Being able to look past all of the negative.

Yeah, it might be raining where you’re at, but the rainbow doesn’t come without the rain.

Am I right?

Are you focusing on all of the negative things in life or are you tossing them aside and looking past them into the bright future ahead? That rainbow is up there for all of us. We just need to look past the dark clouds…